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  • EcoProduct is an ecolabel for building products and building systems and is aimed at the construction and interiors market.

The EcoProduct label aims to assist in eliminating fraudulent and dishonest marketing claims and providing clear, informative and useful labelling information for consumers. Manufacturers and producers of products that make genuine claims will have the confidence to market their products knowing that the consumer has a user-friendly tool that substantiates their claims.

Certified product Labels 5Star

EcoProduct assessment is based on a Cradle-to-Grave approach which considers the following life cycle stages of a product / material /system, etc.:

  • the extraction of the raw materials,
  • materials processing and manufacture of the product,
  • packaging and distribution,
  • product use by final consumers, and
  • end of life / product disposal / recyclability (not included in Cradle-to-Grave approach).

EcoStandard has taken it a step further, to consider a Cradle-to-Cradle approach by including ‘recyclability’ in the ‘last’ life stage of the assessment.

Comparison of Ecolabels

The following table provides a high level comparison between three local Ecolabels (compiled by Michelle Ludwig of Ludwig Design Consulting).
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Ecolabels comparison EcoStd

EcoLabels in Earthworks Magazine

Unfortunately the ability to distinguish between a legitimate eco product and one that is not, remains a grey area, allowing for greenwashing to discredit the genuine supplier. This is a huge concern within the professional building sector, says Jeffares & Green environmental engineer Sally-Anne Käsner, who is part of the team bringing EcoStandard, a new locally created and non-profit ecolabel, on to the market.

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