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Three Important Facts

  1. EcoStandard’s assessment criteria have been developed to encourage cradle to cradle practices.
  2. EcoStandard’s assessment criteria is re-evaluated every three years in order to encourage continual improvement and maintain a current standard of excellence.
  3. EcoStandard provides information, in a transparent manner and is third party assessed.

Assessment Process

The following provides a summary overview of the assessment process.
For further details, download our Assessment Requirements document.

The assessment process considers five categories, of which a percentage can be achieved and up to five stars awarded.

 Figure 1: An example of the star rating and score that can be assigned to a product.

Star Rating Percentages

Figure 2: Star ratings and their corresponding percentages

Assessment Process



EcoProduct Label Steps:

  • The online Pre-Assessment Form is completed by the applicant. This will be processed by EcoStandard upon receipt of payment of the application fee . The Terms and Conditions must also be signed and returned with the Pre-assessment form.

Example Certificate

This is a sample of the certificate that will be issued to companies for the products that fulfill the criteria for certification.

GBCSA Product Certification Scheme – Assessment Tool

EcoStandard has been validated on the Green Building Council of South Africa’s Product Certification Scheme – Assessment Tool and our EcoStandard 4 & 5 Star Rating is considered a Level A Certification.

All three categories A, B and C, are according to the GBCSA’s point thresholds:
Level A (25 – 37)
Level B (18 – 24)
Level C (8 – 17)