Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone help me complete the forms?

Yes, EcoStandard has dedicated staff to assist you when requested.

When I have paid for my assessment, am I guaranteed an ecolabel?

You need to score a minimum of 1 star to qualify for an ecolabel. Should you not be able to achieve this, you will be eligible to re-apply in 6 months time. EcoStandard will provide a list of recommended consultants to assist you in achieving this. If it is unlikely that you will score 1 star, you will be notified during the application stage.

Has EcoStandard been designed in accordance with international principles?

Yes, the criteria has been designed in accordance with the international standard of SANS14024.

Does GBCSA recognise EcoStandard?

The GBCSA has recognised EcoStandard as a third party certification scheme in terms of their Product Certification Scheme – Assessment Tool. EcoProducts rated 4 or 5 stars are considered Level A in terms of the GBCSA’s certification scheme.

How long can my product carry the ecolabel for?

Your ecolabel is valid for three (3) years, a re-certification process is required after 3 years to maintain your certification.    Recertification sooner than three years can be requested.

Can I put the label on my product?

Yes. Only those products which have been assessed and awarded an EcoProduct certification may attach the label to their products. T+C’s apply

If I improve the environmental benefits of my product after the assessment, could that positively affect my rating score?

Yes. All innovations done to your product will be checked at the re-certification process.  Recertification sooner than three years can be requested if you would like to improve your star rating.

Why do I need an Ecolabel, can’t I just say it’s eco friendly?

Saying a product is ecofriendly is different from being able to prove that it is so. EcoStandard provides an assessment to prove the sustainability of your product.

Will my product be listed on your website?

Yes. All certified EcoProducts will be listed on the EcoStandard website.

Who accesses your website?

The website will serve as an information hub where professionals, government, developers, architects, builders, designers and the general public will be able to access all specifications on all certified EcoProducts.

For any further questions please contact Sally-Anne, Bonte  or Tamryn on 021 530 1899

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