Three Important Facts

  1. EcoStandard’s assessment criteria have been developed to encourage cradle to cradle practices.
  2. EcoStandard’s assessment criteria is re-evaluated every three years in order to encourage continual improvement and maintain a current standard of excellence.
  3. EcoStandard provides information, in a transparent manner and is third party assessed.

Assessment Process

The following provides a summary overview of the assessment process.
For further details, download our Assessment Requirements document.

The assessment process considers five categories, of which a percentage can be achieved and up to five stars awarded.

 Figure 1: An example of the star rating and score that can be assigned to a product.

Star Rating Percentages

Figure 2: Star ratings and their corresponding percentages

Assessment Process



EcoProduct Label Steps:

  • The online Pre-Assessment Form is completed by the applicant. This will be processed by EcoStandard upon receipt of payment of the application fee . The Terms and Conditions must also be signed and returned with the Pre-assessment form.

  • EcoStandard will provide the applicant with feedback within 7-10 working days confirming that the assessment process can proceed. The assessment fee is based on the applicant company’s annual turnover.

  • The applicant is then required to complete the electronic EcoStandard EcoProduct Assessment Form within 6 weeks of receiving feedback from EcoStandard in terms of the Pre-Assessment Form. Failure to do so will result in the automatic withdrawal of the application.

  • Once the assessment form, as well as all required supporting documentation , has been submitted electronically , the assessment auditors will contact the applicant to arrange a meeting and site audit to verify all information and supporting documentation. The site audit must be held within 1 month of receiving the Assessment Form and supporting information. All relevant outstanding documentation must be made available to the assessment auditors at the time of this meeting. Any outstanding information not presented at the site meeting, must be submitted within 1 week from this date. Failure to do so will result in the assessment being completed based on the available information.

  • Within 6 weeks of submitting the Assessment Form, the applicant will receive a rating from 1 to 5 stars and an official EcoProduct rating and certificate. The use of this rating and label is subject to the EcoStandard Terms and Conditions.

  • A re-certification process is required every 3 years to ensure that the product is still compliant with the rating awarded.  Should the rating have improved due to manufacturing improvements that are more environmentally responsible, an onsite audit will be required and the revised and improved rating will be awarded.

Example Certificate

This is a sample of the certificate that will be issued to companies for the products that fulfill the criteria for certification.

GBCSA Product Certification Scheme – Assessment Tool

EcoStandard has been validated on the Green Building Council of South Africa’s Product Certification Scheme – Assessment Tool and our EcoStandard 4 & 5 Star Rating is considered a Level A Certification.

All three categories A, B and C, are according to the GBCSA’s point thresholds:
Level A (25 – 37)
Level B (18 – 24)
Level C (8 – 17)



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