Certified Products
Certified Products

    Isoboard Certification

    Isoboard thermal insulation board (Isoboard) scored a 3 star rating.

    Isofoam South Africa’s (Pty) Ltd Isoboard is a thermal insulation product designed with the environment in mind. Isoboard reduces a building’s energy consumption and reduces the carbon footprint by reducing heating and cooling requirements. The product has at least a 25 year lifespan and does not emit harmful substances.

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    Summary Assessment – 2015

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    Certified product Labels 3Star



Certified Products
Certified Products
  • Claytile’s Claybrick maxi and imperial clay building bricks scored a 4-star rating. 

    The brick manufacturer is focused on utilising their superb clay reserves to supply the Western Cape with top quality and cost-effective genuine clay bricks and should be commended for continually striving to improve the efficiency of their processes and products with environmental sustainability being a key driver of the business.

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  • Clariti™ Relocatable Glass Office Partitioning, which is a relocatable frameless glass office partitioning system, scored a 4-star rating.

    Clariti™ is typically installed in the workplace where transparency and light transfer is required as a walling system, whilst still maintaining a high acoustic performance.

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    Summary Assessment – 2016
    Download 2016 Certificate

  • Superfine Pigment Colours 100% natural pigments, has been awarded three 3-Star EcoStandard EcoProduct labels for their  Yellow, Red and Black natural pigments and associated colour blends as follows:

    • Yellow 4*, Yellow 24/4* and Yellow A47
    • Red A7, Red L950, Red IMR2 and Spanish Red
    • Black 321 and Black 300.

    The pigment colours have a wide range of applications and can be used in watercolour paints and washes, polish, varnish, grouting, soap and paper-making.

    Download Black Certificate   Download Red Certificate   Download Yellow Certificate